Data Strategy

If data is to be a strategic asset their needs to be a ‘Data Strategy’ in place to realize the value of this asset. Our experts have crafted many such strategies for companies of all sizes across industries. Ultimately leading to a better customer experience thereby helping organizations improve their revenues and optimize their costs.

Technology Architecture

In order for a strategy to generate real results it needs to be supplemented by a ‘fit-for-purpose’ technology architecture. Our expertise with Open Source technologies helps us recommend the most applicable components for storage, security, analytics etc…

Implementation of Data-As-A-Service

No transformation is complete without the implementation of a holistic data strategy. Our experts will not only craft your data strategy, but will also implement it. They will incorporate learnings from an agile delivery methodology and iterate with stakeholders to ensure that the strategy evolves along with the implementation.

Culture of Data

Building a data driven organization with decisions based on data is key to the long term benefits of the organization. This cultural shift is all to often the weak link in a data transformation, we help embed that culture by experiential learning.

Driving Data Culture

Data culture and data success are intertwined and interdependent.

Open Source Technology

Future ready architecture API driven approach for ingestion and publishing of analytics and data extracts.

Governance is Key

Data standardized across a single platform. Defined policies on use of data throughout its life-cycle.


Self-Serve, Data on-demand Logical, federated view of data Business Autonomy.